Saturday, January 7

Strange Stuff Saturdays - Moon Faces

A lot of people have heard the term "Outsider Art", but few may actually know it's meaning. Outsider Art refers to art produced by self-taught artists who are not part of the artistic establishment or art created outside the boundaries of official culture. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation of course, I suppose I would consider myself to be an Outsider Artist, since my training ended when high-school did, some 20 years ago. Everything I have done since is based on the basic skills I was taught, such as mixing of colors, thumbnail sketches, and brush care. The mediums I am most comfortable in were the ones we used back in school, specifically acrylic and water color, pencil and paper, and not much else. Frankly, most classes I spend in the hallway or Principal's Office after voicing my opinions a little too aggressively about a teacher who felt it was 'OK' to simply take the brush away from a student and add to their work what he was trying to explain was missing. I know he doesn't miss my being in his class.
Today I wanted to share some fabulous Outsider Art I came across on Etsy, my go-to place for a little bit of everything handmade and wonderful. These artist have labeled their own work as Outsider, which for me is the only criteria that matters here. I am not the 'Establishment' so I have no need to qualify it further. Take a look, see what you like, and if you like, this sampling. I have gone with a little bit of a theme today, as I tend to group things in my mind that seem to have common threads. The theme is the "Moon Face", what I call round or circular type faces. Each photo will be followed by name of the work, the artists name, and a link to their Etsy shop. These items may or may not be available for purchase when you visit, but you will find other work by the same creator(s) in their shops.
HILDEGARD by Tim's Sally, Etsy Shop owned by Mindy Lacefield
ROUND THE CORNER by Bread and Circuses, Etsy Shop owned by Evie
"I am not who you think I am" by Original Art by Reza, Etsy Shop owned by Reza Kessai
Branching Out by Tricia Joy, Etsy Shop owned by Patricia Anders
Original Painting by The Wonderful Place, Etsy Sop owned by Chrissy Butler
This is just a small sampling of the Outsider Art available on Etsy, and just a few of the pieces I really had a connection with on first sight. Also, remember this is just a small group that I put together under a category of my own making, the "Moon Face". Many different styles appeal to me, and there is so much beyond that that may appeal to you for different reasons. So please visit Etsy and take a look around at all the Fab there is to be had. It will be time well spent, even if you don't spend a dime, but I dare you not to.


  1. oh cool! i love all the work you've featured here! thank you for introducing me to their work and thank you so kindly for featuring hildegard.... :-)
    i love this idea of showing inspiring work. love your blog!! bravo.

  2. Hi ketsy

    lovely selection of moon faces! Thank you for featuring one of my pieces. I sometimes call my work "Outsider" because the images aren't mainstream, but I actually have an MFA and a BFA, so not self taught~~


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