Friday, April 22

Freeing The Burn - Found On A Friday

I am a serious consumer of T-shirts. I could never wear all of the ones I have collected, but as a YUGE geek, I sometimes have to grab up that Star Wars or Walking Dead referenced tee. The problem, while some tees can be found for about $11 US on some sites, you tend to pay a lot for shipping, making things a lot more expensive. I am not saying that the art alone is not worth the money, but these days, I rarely have the cash to feed my tee addiction.

Bernie Sanders 2016 Feel The Burn Presidential Election Campaign T-Shirt by TeesDeals on Etsy
As a Canadian who is rather plugged in to the goings on south of the border, I have been getting really engrossed by the current Presidential Campaign. I have had gut wrenching nightmares about the possibility of certain candidates actually winning the nomination, and possibly the election, but the bright light in all of the political rhetoric is one Bernie Sanders. I don't claim to know the man, I only see his heart and soul, his desire to make life better for every American, and even if you are not a Democrat, that is pretty inspiring stuff. He cares about the planet, the future we all will share in, and that our children will inherit. You may say he's a dreamer, but he's not the only one, he has lit a fire across the USA, and unified groups and causes of all kinds under his positive "we" not "I" umbrella.

Bernie Sanders Black Flack T-Shirt, White, Long Sleeves by TeesDeals on Etsy
I decided I needed to show my faith that no matter what, this man was changing the world, one person, one vote, at a time; I wanted to have a Bernie Sanders supporter shirt. But where does a Canadian girl go for such items, how do I support a small business that cares and is driven by real people, not a corporation? Well etsy of course. After a quick search I stumbled upon TeesDeals and nabbed a stunner of a shirt, exactly the one I wanted, for just $6.52 Canadian dollars, which is brilliant. But as I was browsing the shop, I stumbled on something that is exactly in Bernie's corner, a free T-Shirt for anyone who wants to show support for this amazing man and his movement. Free for me meant $1.29 Canadian, which is the least I have paid for a shirt since never, so I requested two of them for some friends, not expecting them to actually arrive. But arrive they did, the one I purchased for a very reasonable price and the two others from the giveaway, in the exact sizes I requested.

Giveaway, Bernie Sanders T-Shirt, Feel The Burn by TeesDeals on Etsy
There is something pretty fantastic about the good vibes that are spread by Bernie Sanders supporters, and this is a great example. I don't know how long the giveaway is running, but I would not hesitate. You can request any size from TeesDeals, from size small to 3XL, but the colour option will be random. If you can, do support the shop by buying a regularly low priced Tee as well, spread a little Karma and commerce for the good of us all. So glad to be back to share what I have Found on a Friday, simply YUGE news.

Speaking of YUGE news, I want to share this link to a YouTube video by Myles Dyer, who will really give you hope about what Bernie is doing, and for me, erased a lot of the anxiety and the nightmares I was having about a certain Orange Tinted Xenophobic Racist Neo-Republican Misogynistic Buffoon who was dominating the News Cycles here just north of the US border, and making me truly fearful for the fate of the US. Please give it a watch and a like, it changed my perspective and made all the difference in my take on the whole #FEELTHEBURN movement. It is well thought out, well researched, and rather fascinating. Enjoy!